My Mothers Reaction to the Moderna Shot


Due to the severe nature of my mothers reaction to her Moderna shot I have decided to dedicate YDENTGLOBAL.COM to telling her story and the stories of others who are being suppressed. I am not aiming to fearmonger, but now I am being forced to utilize my Media Communications background to assure the victims of these poisons voices can be heard. Getting this information out is essential due to the talks of mandated vaccines. This Government CANNOT and WILL NOT mandate this poison and it's up to us the people to demand these shots be pulled. Ill be using this page to update you all on her progress and holistic and herbal treatments I'm administering that is assisting in her healing.

IM NOT LOOKING FOR CLOUT, MONEY, FAME, OR ANY OF THAT FROM MY MOTHERS REACTION. Me going public about this and letting you all into my family life is more spiritual than anything.

Vaccines can be very beneficial to humanity but they must be done properly and corners cannot be cut for profit gains. Vaccine science is not one that should be rushed, especially for one of this global magnitude. My mother has served this nation proudly. She came to America from Guyana at 16 and joined the Army at 19 and has dedicated her whole adult life to this country. She's trained and recruited countless soldiers and even as a retired Army MSG continues to serve this nation as a civilian. She deserves more than being ignored because of the games being played with Big Pharma and Politics.

FACT of the matter is the mass administration of a concoction made in a matter of months should have never been approved REGARDLESS of the pressures from society. I have been anti vaccine for over ten years and this matter does nothing but reconstitute everything I've studied about vaccine science and the intent of Big Pharma. There are millions of ways for Humans to achieve preventative health and near impervious immune systems naturally. For this to happen the human species has to change our relationship with nature and technology.  Our relationship to food, nutrition, and fitness must transform for us to achieve ascension.

New incentives for prosperity must be introduced into modern society to assure the total elimination of institutions that do nothing but harm the environment and the varieties of life that harbor this world. The advances in modern tech affords humanity the ability to create a world of harmony for all of creation. I've stayed quiet for years on these matters working behind the scenes to build systems that will change this world for the better. Medicine should be a government funded institution as to remove all profit incentives from health and wellness, and I will be on a mission to assure this happens.

Once again thank you all for your support more updates coming soon.


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