The Green Light District GO movement by The GO Group started in 2019 in Hollywood California as an attempt to bring the southern turn up lifestyle to the Hollywood party scene. What was created was private parties that got so live that they often got shut down! We've been in the house for a year and it's time to turn up once again! As the world re opens we will be hosting GLD events around the country while still abiding by COVID guidelines. Our focus is on hospitality and a good time. We discourage all forms of violence and our events are a peace grounds where everyone can have a legendary turn up!

Member Benefits

All members get access to our Members Only GO Room where they can enjoy a more private party than our general areas. GO Room is equipped with open bar, VIP rooms, food & beverages, and party floor. GO Room also features our elite entertainers and sections reserved for our big spenders .

Monthly Membership Fees Based on City

Los Angeles, CA - Coming Soon

Houston, TX - Coming Soon

Miami, Fl - Coming Soon

Atlanta, GA-Coming Soon

Hampton, VA - Coming Soon


GLDGO Hampton Starting 3/27/21

General Admission prices below

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